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Anuradha Shukla

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South Korea’s Trade Surplus in IT Sector Increases Ten-fold

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

According to the ministry, the IT export business numbers have grown about 12 percent on a yearly basis during the last few years. The numbers of exports have risen up to $14.52 billion. Imports have also not been lagging far behind, show­ing a good standard growth and rising this year by about 2.2 percent on a year-by-year basis, coming to about $6.66 billion this year.
The trade surplus regarding infor­mation technology has come to about $7.86 billion, which is in fact higher than South Korea’s surplus of all other trades combined. The total surplus of South Korea in November was calcu­lated at $4.48 billion, while total export numbers in the country grew by 3.9 percent, amounting to $47.8 billion. The import numbers have shown an in­crease of 0.7 percent, reaching $43.32 billion.

Increasing Popularity of Mobile Banking in South Korea

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

The mobile technology market is currently working its way towards dominance across the globe. More individuals now go online to search for top devices like mobile phones and tablets as invest­ments, boosting economic benefits for in­vestors and mobile device manufacturers.
Statistics don’t lie when indicating the growing number of consumers investing on tablets and mobile phones. Regular con­sumers love how they can access their so­cial media pages at the palm of their hands with the help of these devices. Moreover, portability also plays an important role as to why many people choose to have these high -end devices.

India-Korea Cooperation in Food Processing

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

In the last five years, India has inked numerous agreements with other nations, the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with South Korea being the latest. Though the signing of the Korea-In­dia CEPA on August 7, 2009 was delayed, it has been welcomed by policy makers and business community members from the two countries. It is expected that the agree­ment, which has stipulations for tariff and non-tariff barrier reductions, will take the relationship of India and Korea to a higher level, especially when it comes to the food processing industry.

Education MoU Strengthens the Bond between India and Korea

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

December 12th, 2012 was an important date in the his­tory of India; it is when India and Korea signed agreements in the field of research and education. The two nations currently have collaborations among universities, and this agreement stressed the requirement for more collaboration in the future. The meeting was held at Delhi where the Ko­rean Minister of Science and Education, Dr. Lee Ju-ho, met with the Indian Minister of State of HRD department, Dr. Shashi Thar­oor.

Growing India-China-Japan and South Korea Cooperation in Anti-Piracy Patrols

Monday, December 24th, 2012

Last year thirty five innocent people lost their lives after being taken as hostages by Somali pirates. The International Maritime Bureau also recorded high levels of violence in coastal waters around East Africa and the Gulf of Aden.The total amount of goods succumbing o piracy in this region was about US$160 million in 2011 alone, and according to the One Earth Future Foundation that reported, much of this cash was used to build sprawl- ng new villas and purchase swanky 4x4 ehicles. Somali pirates now have huge par- es and can spend thousands of dollars on weddings in their communities.

IKEA to Open 25 Stores in India

Monday, December 24th, 2012

Swedish homeware company IKEA has announced plans to open 25 stores across various cities in India.The company is set to invest a whopping amount of Rupees 10,500 crore (US$2.25 billion) in India over the next few years. It will invest 4,200 crore in the first phase and 6,300 crore in the second phase of the project. IKEA will also set up a 100 percent sub sidiary in India and will have to follow the mandatory 30 percent domestic sourcing clause set by the Indian government.

China’s Growing Space Program and its Implications for Regional Strategic Balance

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

The Shenzhou9 spacecraft, which took off on June 16 with three Chinese astronauts aboard, is seen as a landmark achievement in China’s space program and has excited people all around the globe.

The whole world watched as the space craft carrying China’s first female astronaut docked manually with an orbiting module, inviting global praise for the nation. Hand levers were used to control Shenzhou 9 and position it to dock with the orbiting mod ule, according to Wu Ping, spokeswoman for China’s manned space program. Ping told reporters in Beijing that the maneu ver was “precise and perfect” and the three astronauts carried it out “calmly and skill fully.”

Asia/Pacific BPO Relatively Underexploited

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

The APEJ (Asia/Pacific except Japan) BPO market is still relatively underdeveloped and is set to reach $9.5 billion in 2016. This represents a significant jump as this market was $5.9 billion in 2011, according to Gartner, which notes that an unexploited region presents opportunities to BPO service providers that are willing to invest in the region.

Tata Group India Improves Employability of UK Graduates

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

India’s Tata Group is improving the employability of UK graduates through its IT services branch Tata Consultancy Services.TCS is supporting a UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) - the Study India Programme (SIP) 2012-which enables school leavers and students to visit India for four weeks during the summer months to explore a range of cultural and commercial opportunities.
The UKIERI Study India Programme also includes a week long placement providing insight into business operations in a global setting.

Taking a Closer Look at India-Korea Defense Cooperation

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Following the historical meltdown of the Eastern bloc and the Western bloc near the end of the last century, the world order underwent drastic changes which resulted in the realignment of nations across a much more non-polarized world. As the United States emerged as the uni-polar power balance in this new world order, India’s defense strategies too underwent continual realignment with the changes occurring globally.

Understanding Future of the India-Korea Free Trade Agreement under CEPA

Monday, September 17th, 2012

India and South Korea have had a very successful run of the CEPA, or the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) that was set up two years ago. Under the deal, bilateral trade between the two countries have grown from US$12 billion in 2010 to US$21.5 billion, a growth rate of more than 70 percent. The agreement has been reassessed and improvements have been implemented since 2010 by director generals of both countries.

India, China Work on a Five-Year Plan on Economic Co-operation

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

China and India have principally agreed to work on a five-year plan on economic co-operation. Both nations are set to establish a joint working group that aims to address all their trade related issues to strengthen economic relationship. This mutual agreement was reached earlier in August at the ninth session of the India-China Joint Group on Economic Relations, Trade, Science and Technology.

India’s Micro and Small Enterprises Face Barriers in Growth

Monday, August 13th, 2012

India’s micro and small enterprises are slow in adopting new technology, according to a new study published by Intuit Inc., a provider of business and financial management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.
Intuit’s study reveals that cost and questions on privacy and data security are amongst few barriers to technology adoption among India’s MSME community.Other barriers are lack of skilled labor; lack of awareness around the benefits of technology; and concerns over the reliability of infrastructure.

South Korean LG to End its Business in Iran

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

South Korean electronics firm LG is set to end its surveillance business in Iran as United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) expressed its concern that such advanced equipment can be used by the regime for surveillance and internal security purposes against the Iranian people.
UANI called on LG this Tuesday, 7th August to end its business in Iran and expects an answer by August 13, 2012.

Vivaah Launches Mobile Matrimony App in India

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 has announced the launch of a mobile matrimony app in India following an increase in traffic from mobile and hand held devices.
Although its website was not optimised for mobile devices, the company experienced an increase in traffic from mobile and hand held devices that rose from 2% to 15% of total.
This jump in traffic encouraged to introduce a site- that is built especially for mobile devices.

Asian Operators Should Integrate Wi-Fi into their Networks: Pyramid Research

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Pyramid Research is advising Asian operators to integrate Wi-Fi into their networks to prepare for the increase in the mobile data traffic growth in future.Asia-Pacific is expected to represent 42.3% of global mobile data revenue by 2017, according to a new report from Pyramid Research titled “Wi-Fi Offloading in Asia Eases the Mobile Data Crunch for Operators.”

The Number of Employed People Increases in South Korea

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

The number of employed people in South Korea increased 1.9 percent to 24.76 million in April 2012 from a year earlier.The nation is experiencing an increase demand for jobs in health, social welfare and education, according to reports in local newspapers. This news has brought cheer to the citizens of South Korea as the unemployment rate held at two-month low last month.

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Growing Indian Defense Budget

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

India’s defense budget has shown a substantial increase in the past five years, according to defense experts and analysts. Following the recent budget announcement by the Defense Minister A. K. Anthony, for the fiscal year 2012, the focus returns to India’s growing defense spending.

ASEAN GDP needs to Reflect Biodiversity Value (TEEB)

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

The first Southeast Asia Regional Policy Dialogue on the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity proved to be the right platform provided by the Asean Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office for the members of the Ecosystem Services Economics (ESE) to introduce to Asian Governments two key concepts that are critical to their economies when calculating their GDP.

China’s Cities See Explosive Growth as Villages Relax Hukou System

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Agriculture has been the traditional occupation in rural China for centuries, but rapid economic growth in China has prompted millions of people to move from rural green areas to ‘concrete jungles’ – the cities where employment is more lucrative.

Although the Hukou system is in place, in which individuals are registered according their birthplace and under residency permit to live there, it is believed to be less disturbed by officials as more cities are allowing farmers for both temporary and permanent work.


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