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Josh Foreman

Stories from Josh Foreman

Bai women


Monday, July 20th, 2009


Women ascended the dusty mountain wearing Mongol garb. Their white turbans were normally black, but this was a day of mourning. Carrying trays laden with chili fish, smoked pork, rice noodles and candy, they marched to their ancestors’ graves. Men sat around and gambled.


The people who gather here every year are Bai, and this is their valley.

man with birds

Old Kunming

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

KUNMING, China — Two lovebirds in a wooden cage. A dozen turtles in a blue plastic box. Hundreds of black beetles eating watermelon rind. Thousands of mealworms squirming – food for the lovebirds. These animals share space with thousands of others here in Old Kunming. Any can be had for a price. But strange animals are not the only things for sale in this crumbling quarter of Southwestern China’s largest city.


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