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Shanghai Airports: Serving a Bustling and Dynamic City

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011
shanghai airport

The emergence of worldclass Shanghai airports in the busiest and most dynamic transport hub in eastern China is only fitting to Shanghai’s continuous development not only in infrastructure but as one of the most important business and financial centers in China and in the world.

These airports have made the city more accessible to local and international travelers, adding to the already established links of the city to major commercial and business areas in China as well as from other destinations in Asia and other major cities in the world.

Serving local and international travelers

As a major commercial and business hub in China, Shanghai is served by two modern international airports with state-of-theart facilities and equipment. These airports service more than a thousand flights from domestic and international destinations, including major cities in China and the rest of the world.

First in the list is the Honggiao International Airport, the first civilian airport in China which has been giving service to the public for more that eighty years. With two major terminals spread across 20 acres of land, the airport boasts first class facilities, communications equipment, and landing/ take-off capabilities that can handle all types of airplanes in the world.

Following on its heels is the Pudong International Airport, the newest international airport in China that handles the third highest air traffic volume in China after Beijing and Hong Kong. Pudong handles most of the international traffic to and from Shanghai, while Honggiao mainly serves domestic routes and selected international flights to other Asian cities.

Longhua Airport, which served as the main airport in Shanghai until the 1950’s when Honggiao airport was opened to the public, is now one of two Shanghai general aviation airports that are used for pilot training and as an emergency landing facility for local authorities and rescue services.

Leading edge technologies used in Shanghai airports

Shanghai is emerging as one of China’s most dynamic cities with impressive infrastructures on the rise as well as the bustle of economic activity conducted within the city from local and international quarters. In this regard, it is apt that international airports serving the city utilize leading edge technologies to better serve travelers.

This can be noted in the efficient architectural design in these major airports as well as the state-of-the-art baggage handling and sorting system that ranks on par with the best in the world. These sorters utilize modern computer systems and control technologies, making baggage to passenger reconciliation faster and more accurate.

These airports also feature secure e-commerce facilities making online bookings possible - a first in China. Utilizing software adapted from international providers, these online booking and payment systems placed these airports in line with international standards.

Shanghai is the fastest growing economic and business portal in China, providing big opportunities to further economic development for this nation. Infrastructure developments, globalization of systems and policies, as well as upgrades in facilities and quality of services in public amenities such as those seen in Shanghai airports are helping to prepare a new era of development for this city.

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