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New High Tech Milestone: China is World’s Biggest PC Consumer

Monday, December 19th, 2011

International market research firm IDC reveals that, in the second quarter of this year, the most voracious consumer of Personal Computers, or PCs, was China, ahead of the next largest consumer, the US. This is indeed a pathbreaking technology milestone for China. IDCs results also project that by 2012, China will soon overtake the US in PC imports, as it is estimated to import 85.2 million PCs in comparison to 76.6 million by American consumers.

IDC analysts say that this consumption trend is a clear indicator of mature markets reaching the saturation point, while emerging markets continue to grow exponentially. Technically, the recession and massive unemployment have also contributed to the lowered purchasing trends in America, while China’s consumption grows rapidly.

China PC Market Gains Despite Smart Devices

Another significant factor is that, despite the runaway success smart devices such as tablets, smartphones and other form factors have had, China has continued its steady PC consumption. Additionally, China has already achieved maximum online usage globally, surpassing even the US in 2008.

China has continually scaled the technology curve, which was expected, but having achieved it in the second quarter of 2011 is a huge surprise to industry analysts.

By the following year, it is likely to continue its rank as the highest consumer of Computer PCs in the world, with America continuing to reel in economic hiccups while Europe markets also fall drastically behind in consumption of PCs over all quarters.


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