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Knowledge Show Convergence Storytelling

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

CBK Solution’s planned Knowledge Show was held at Munwha Station, Seoul, a place that has historical significance for all Koreans, on July 7th, 2012. The Knowledge Show, a lecture plus a show, was called “Convergence Storytelling Show” for its new concept of storytelling.

Organized under the theme of “Social World”, the show addressed four serious social issues of our times: ‘Multicultural ism’, ‘the Korean Culture and its Simi larities with other major World Cultures’, ‘Ecofriendly Business’ and ‘Social Enter prise.’ Musical fusion performances of Korean traditional culture with foreign cultures including flamenco, tap dance, Korean drum, Korean flute, and classic guitar en tertained the excited audiences during in terludes of the lecture by Rosa Lee. Most of the attendees consisted of intel lectuals from politics, economics, and the social and cultural elite of Korean society. The show also attracted large numbers of foreigners living in Korea. All seats were booked within two days of the show an nouncement.

In addition to highlighting social issues through this new concept of convergence storytelling, the show also celebrated the publication of the book “Social World” by Rosa Lee. The book, “Social World,” is a “very delicate convergence storytelling about politics, economy, society and culture for the homoconvergent, who are about 5 percent of the total population.” The book is all about “Social” which is a hot trend in present day society, and it introduces fu ture plans and alternatives by using useful examples from human history.

There are three main takeaways from the book, “Social World.” First, you get deep insights into current social trends such as ‘SOCIAL NETWORK’, ‘SOCIAL MEDIA’, ‘SNS (SOCIAL NETWORK SER VICE)’, ‘SOCIAL COMMERCE’, ‘SOCIAL ENTERPRISE’, ‘CSR (CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY)’, and ‘SOCIAL BUSINESS ECOSYSTEM’. Second, you get some tips for wise and social based living. Last but not least, it gives you some insight into a future social world, what it will be and how we can prepare ourselves for it. Us ing a very effective way of storytelling, the book provides very valuable information which could be very useful for people from all countries and of all ages and creeds. In this context, “Social World” appeals to a wide class of readers from all sections of society.

The work covers a wide range of topics from east to west, from information tech nology to philosophy, and from past to future. Author Rosa Lee describes herself as homoconvergent, “Homoconvergence is a combination of word of ‘homo’ (a hu man) and ‘convergence (crossover)’ which is identified as a person who has diverse careers, experiences and abilities.” The homoconvergence attempts to touch all important issues concerning the present day society in one go.

“These days, homoconvergence is considered to be the future sought after talent, and it is becoming very popular among university students in Korea and abroad.” “Social World” meets this grow ing need, says Rosa. “The concept of homo convergence can also be embedded with business development in traditional busi ness areas.” Currently she is working on 42 social projects based on her concept of homoconvergence. So what is a social project? “Social proj ect means making profit and creating so cial value at the same time through col laboration among different organizations, and it also symbolizes crosswaywinwin relationships”.

Four elements of social projects include multiculturalism, the Korean culture, ecofriendly business, and social enterprise. Based on this model the social projects at CBK Solution are catego rized into seven different kinds of areas, namely; Wellearning, Oasis, Rainbow, Learning, Design, Ubiquitous, Probono. The combining of the first character of these seven projects, “WORLDUP”, gives new energy to new social business models. “Seven social projects are further di vided into 42 subgroups in each group category. Four subprojects out of these sub groups are going to be run in the year 2012”, says Rosa Lee.

The first project to be run this year is the “Rainbow Town” project which is a multicultural convention hotel. Built and run under a new concept of social business and ecosystems, this new age hotel will provide 24 different countries’ food servic es, art exhibition, culture performances, and education consulting, immigration services, business and travel services. Con ferences and award ceremonies, festivals, forums, and seminars can be conducted all under one roof and one concept domain. The “Rainbow Town” concept comes very close to the MICE industry (Meeting, Incen tives, Convention, and Exhibition) that is currently popular in the service industry. The second project to be run this year is “3R FUN TOWN.” 3R means Recycle, Recre ation and Reborn. The town (village) will have many programs that help not only save nature but also heal people. The pro grams include recycling, art exhibitions, artculture therapy, life counseling, and various creativity developing activities. The third program to be run, “WORLD UP” is a social venture survival TV program.

This program matches people who have good ideas for social venture with the suc cessful social entrepreneurs, and shows the process of how new social ventures can be created based on mentormentee rela tionship. The show will provide examples of successful social entrepreneurs and their personal qualities and talents behind their success. The audience of this show will actively participate by sharing their ideas and suggestions, while learning ways to make money that also give social value to work they do at the same time.

“Knowledge Show”, the last project be ing run this year, is a crossculture con vergence storytelling show. “I have found unique Korean cultural DNAs, and I at tempt to introduce these DNAs through the combination of lectures and shows”, says Lee. This show elevates the conven tional lecture and show format into a crossoversyntheticknowledgeableart form. Presented under the title “Rainbow Code”, the show is divided into three topics; 天(Heaven), 天(Earth), and 天(Hu man). The three topics are further divided into 8 themes. This “Rainbow Code” will be introduced through books, TV documen tary programs, and convergence shows. The goal of this show is to build global friendship among different cultures whil playing a role as a useful tool for cultura diplomacy and trade.

In order to realize those projects, the CBK Solution is communicating and mak ing plans with big companies who are in terested in creating social value. Also, the CBK Solution is expecting financial sup port from the Korean government in the successful conclusion of these projects. The WORLDUP project is briefly intro duced in the justreleased book “Social World”, but it will be dealt with extensivel in Rosa Lee’s next book called “WORLDU SOCIAL LEADERSHIP.” This new book wi introduce success cases of global leaders around world based on “WORLDUP cate gories.” Rosa Lee expects that this book will show us that there is enough possibi ity of “WORLD UP Social Projects,” furthe she hopes this book help “WORLDUP” Campaign spread all over the world.


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