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India to be Linked with Central Asia through Gas Pipe Line

Monday, December 24th, 2012
Pipe Line

India will be linked with Central Asia through a gas pipe line, which will lower the gas tariff for users in the nation. The transit or security costs of gas has be come very low, with India’s participation in the Turkmenistan Afghanistan PakistanIn dia (TAPI) 1,700kilometer pipeline deal. The idea to lay this pipeline was first proposed as early as the 1990s, and once completed it will ensure the delivery of 33 billion cu bic meters of oil each year. The pipeline is scheduled to be operational by 2016. India has to spend vast sums of money to import oil, and this has driven the gov ernment to search for options to secure supplies of oil for its consumers. One way this problem can be addressed is through a pipeline which is now a very viable option thanks to advancement in offshore technologies.

Turkmenistan is known to have the fourth largest reserves of natural gas in the world after Russia, Iran and Qatar, and both India and Pakistan are joining hands to leverage this source of energy through a pipeline via Afghanistan. India’s neigh bor China is already using Turkmenistan’s gas reserves; in 2009, a 1,800km pipeline was laid to connect China, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. This pipeline reaches China’s western region, and also connects it to Shanghai through a domestic channel. Another option India has to consider is the use of deepwater pipelines, which now look feasible due to the growing capabilities of the Indian navy

“This is India preparing for the future. It signals that we are there to take advantage of the energy resources of Central Asia,” said Kanwal Sibal, a former foreign secre tary in a statement to the press. “So far, Turkmenistan has been selling gas to China. This shows that they would like to diversify their customer base and include us as well. It also signals that we are looking at Afghan istan in the long term.”


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