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North Korean Drought and Food Security

Friday, December 28th, 2012

North Korea is facing the country’s worst drought in 60 years that has impacted about 20,000 hectares of farmland in the western coastal areas. This natural calamity has resulted into severe food shortages affecting three million people in North Koreans who are look ing towards the government for food assis tance.The reservoirs have also dried up, and the prolonged dry spell has left vast tracts of agricultural fields unattended. This year the temperature in May and June was about eight degrees higher than usual, leaving all rice fields parched. Shortage in summer crops is expected to bring even more short age of food in the winter, a season which is always severe in North Korea.

“I have been working at the farm for more than 30 years, but I have never expe rienced this kind of drought,” Songmin, a farmer at the Tokhae Cooperative Farm in the Nampho area, told the AP. Maria Siow from reports that a German NGO, World Hunger Aid, has warned the nation against an up According to Dr Wolfgang Jamann, Sec retary General of World Hunger Aid, the tractors used in North Korea for agriculture purpose are very old and the farmers are unable to use modern machinery as the na tion does not have enough spare parts and fuel to run them.

North Korea will have to work hard to wards overcoming its chronic food shortag es in order to prevent another famine such as the one in the 1990s which took the lives of perhaps two million people.


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