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Google Cutting 1,200 Jobs in Recently Purchased Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc

Monday, March 11th, 2013



Web giant Google is reportedly laying off 1,200 employees from its Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc, which the company bought in 2012 for 12.4 billion dollars, according to a source.

 The source claimed that the majority of the latest round of layoffs, which comes seven months after Google said that it was eliminating 4,000 jobs from the newly acquired Motorola, will occur outside the U.S, The Washington Post reports.

 Motorola Mobility spokesman Gabe Madway said that the cuts are a continuation of reductions announced last year, and added that the company is committed to helping the affected employees through the transition.

 Google had purchased Motorola Mobility in its biggest takeover, boosting its patent portfolio and stepping up competition with Apple Inc, and had agreed to sell the company to Arris Group Inc. for 2.35 billion dollars in December 2012. (ANI)

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