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India-Korea Tourism Ties

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

The Korea Tourism Organiza­tion which has a Delhi-based office recently opened a repre­sentative office in Mumbai to promote its relations in tour­ism with India. This office is designed to promote South Korea as a major tourism destination to the airlines, media, consum­ers and travel trade and to heighten India- Korea cooperation in tourism.
The organization is currently planning to team up with Western India-based travel agents to launch various travel options and is open for tie-ups with tour operators to successfully promote Korea as a travel des­tination.
As a thriving travel destination with four seasons, South Korea’s spring concurs with the Indian summer season, making it a fa­vorable getaway to escape from the swelter­ing Indian heat.
This year, South Korea is looking at a 20 percent increase from the Indian travel market. According to statistics, the country recently had an annual total of 86,547 In­dian visitors, which was a huge increase of 18.9 percent from 2009.
South Korea boasts picturesque and ma­jestic destinations for Indian tourists and it is well-connected via air by Asiana Airlines, Korean Air and other carriers.
For astute Indian outbound travelers, South Korea promises an exceptional and new getaway experience. It is the choice of destination of an increasing number of trav­elers looking for stimulating culture, fresh air, health and wellness and adventure ac­tivities. It also boasts a vibrant nightlife and non-stop 24 hour shopping opportunities both in roadside kiosks and designer malls.
Jae Sang Lee, Director of Korea Tourism Organization in India, claims that having representation in Mumbai will reinforce the awareness of Indian people for Korea’s several attractions and advanced facilities to develop leisure and business travel. He also added that they are looking forward to working with the Indian travel industry and airlines to expand their growing market.
The Mumbai representation office will work with different airlines to promote new Korean services, to generate the coun­try’s press coverage and to aid the travel trade with detailed information. The 
orga­nization is currently targeting the Indian film industry, honeymooners, leisure travel and the MICE segment.
Korean conventions have a high percent­age of attendees from different parts of the world, specifically in the finance, high-tech, medical and auto sectors. The current move to Mumbai is aimed in part at expanding delegations coming from India for confer­ences, travel, incentives and meetings.
Dr. Charles Lim, Deputy Director of the Korea Tourism Organization, claims that they are placing major emphasis on posi­tioning South Korea as a MICE and leisure destination among travelers from India as they see a great demand from this tourism market.
To further reinforce the India-Korea co­operation in tourism, the organization had a powerful promotional program in place throughout 2011 and 2012 which is expect­ed to continue through 2013.
It is also expected that the organization will create product knowledge and more detailed information available to the travel trade. Furthermore, it is looking forward to promoting South Korea through food festi­vals, familiarization trips, trade shows, joint promotions and advertisements.

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