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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Tamilnadu

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

India is a vast and wonderful country with over 4.7 million tour¬ists from all over the globe visiting its shores on a yearly basis. For many people who have come to see Incredible India, their visit is worth reminiscing and many would like to go back and experience it all once more. And for those who have not gone there yet – a great deal would be dreaming of someday going and have the same experience.

But where to go in this vast and incredible land?

If variety is what you seek, then Tamilnadu should be at the top of your list. This state is the embodiment of all the artistic, cultural and religious accomplishments that thousands of years of the Tamil civilization has achieved. With truly enchanting destinations and equally awe-inspir¬ing tourist locations, Tamilnadu is a perfect destination for those who want to savor rich languages endowed with a natural beauty, and a cultural heritage filled with unique and colorful traditions, arts, crafts, architecture, festivals and religious celebrations.

An Overview and Background of Tamil¬nadu

“Enchanting Tamilnadu”, is the tagline that was adopt¬ed by the Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation or TTDC for promoting the second largest tourism destina¬tion in India. The state draws tourists from both local and foreign visitors alike, with over 1.7 million from abroad and 50 million and more from the rest of India. This can be attributed to the strong government support in promoting the tourism agency, backed by considerable investments in establishing efficient transportation systems, road networks and a well-developed rail network system.

The road and rail networks interconnect the vari¬ous urban, rural and agricultural regions of the state, as well as providing a link to the rest of India and the world. The well developed railway system connects to all the other cities in India, making Tamilnadu a very accessible destination for both local and foreign visitors. This land network is beefed up with domes¬tic airports as well as a major international airport in Chennai, providing air facilities for commercial and industrial flights. On top of that, Tamilnadu is also ac¬cessible by sea through the major and minor ports that handle commercial and industrial traffic within Tamil¬nadu and the rest of the country and the world.

Tamilnadu is home to the ethnic Tamil people of In¬dia that has a rich cultural and historical heritage that dates back for two thousand years. Tamils are mostly Hindus but a significant number of Muslim and Chris¬tian Tamil communities are also in residence. People who would visit Tamilnadu can savor this rich cultur¬al heritage as well as the other attractions that make this state one of the favorite destinations in India.

10 Reasons why Tourists Visit Tamilnadu

Tourism is a major industry in Tamilnadu and the local government is making considerable investments in improving what the state has to offer catering to the diverse categories of both foreign and local visi¬tors. The following are ten of the topmost reasons why visitors from both local and foreign origins should go forth and visit Tamilnadu.

1) Leisure Tourism

Tamilnadu is a prime destination for those whose primary purpose is to sit back, relax and enjoy the various leisure destinations in the state. The region is blessed with a rich natural beauty made evident in the many beautiful hill resorts, bird sanctuaries, botanical and horticultural gardens, beach resorts, splendid wa¬terfalls and zoological parks.

Known for its magnificent hills, visitors can stay at the many splendid hill resorts and stations at Coonoor, Kodaikanal, Top Slip, Udhagamandalam, Yelagiri and Yercaud. The hills in Tamilnadu are characterized by thick forests teeming with wildlife. Foremost among these hills is the Cardamom, Palani, Nilgiri and She¬varoy hills.

Tourists can also come and see the animals in the reserves, national parks and sanctuaries like the Mudu¬malai National Park, the Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve, the In¬dira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, the Arignar Anna Zoo¬logical Park and the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve which houses 10 percent of the endanged Nilgiri tahr spe¬cies.

Visitors can witness a distinct and amazingly beauti¬ful sunrise at the southernmost tip of India at the Kan¬yakumari. Or they can visit one of the longest beaches in the world at the Marina Beach in Chennai or the one in Mamallapuram, as well as the waterfalls, theme parks and resorts and savor the delectable delicacies in the culinary centers and eateries in the region.

2) Heritage Tourism

Visitors who would like to experience the rich his¬torical legacy of Tamilnadu can go on tour at the vari¬ous historical monuments and UNESCOWorld Heri¬tage Sites including some of the grandest Dravidian architectural achievements found in the distinctive Hindu temples located in various areas in the state. This includes the Airavateswara temple in Darasuram and the Rajagopuram of Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple in Srirangam.

3) Adventure Tourism

Extreme sports enthusiasts in both air and water can quench their appetite for adventure and get an adrenaline rush from some of the sporting events and destinations in Tamilnadu. Or they can go on a trek at some of the animal sanctuaries and reserves that house a wide variety of birds, deer, bears and other animals and wildlife.

4) Business Tourism

Tamilnadu is also fast becoming a hub of cross-bor¬der business opportunities where top executives from around the world go for their business meetings, con¬ferences, conventions, seminars and other business re¬lated matters. These are all wonderful opportunities to combine business with pleasure by integrating tourism with their business trips.

The state is seeing a convergence of new technolo¬gies, joint operations and productions that make Tamil¬nadu a viable destination for business dealings and op¬portunities that would create jobs for the more than 40,000 engineering students graduating each year.

5) Medical Tourism:

India has emerged as one of the top global destina¬tions for medical tourism, offering cost-effective medi¬cal services and treatments using state-of-the art medi¬cal instruments and procedures at world class medical facilities and hospitals that are comparable with some of the best in the world. With healthcare services that can cost only a fraction of what such services would cost in developed countries, the number of medical tourists going to the country continues to grow expo¬nentially.

Tamilnadu is one of the preferred destinations for healthcare tourism in the country and has been ac-knowledged in the fields of Eye Care, Oncology, Dialy¬sis, Kidney Transplant and Orthopedics. Each year, a growing number of medical tourists are flocking to¬wards Tamilnadu to avail of what medical tourism has in store for them in this state.

6) Fairs/Festivals Tourism

Tamilnadu has its share of festivals, art exhibitions, cultural fairs and other events that draws a great num¬ber of enthusiasts to its shores. Part of the deep cul¬tural heritage from the Tamil people is the significant number of folk dances that are performed in various occasions including theaters. Some of these dances in¬clude the much celebrated karakattam, the very color¬ful Mayilattam and the Paraiyattam.

7) Religious Tourism

People who would like to have a deep religious experience in their visit to India can do so more con¬veniently by arranging tourism packages that involve visits and immersion to rich religious destinations and centers in Tamilnadu. The serene atmosphere of the state coupled with a vast array of age-old temples and monuments.

8) Academic Tourism

A growing number of foreign students are availing of the various cultural exchange programs between their schools and the educational institutions and uni¬versities in Tamilnadu. Not only will these students be immersed in the way of life at Tamilnadu’s institutions, but they can also enjoy the combining tourism ameni¬ties in their exchange programs.

9) Rural Tourism

The government in Tamilnadu is exerting consider¬able efforts in promoting rural tourism in the state, particularly the lesser known tourist destinations in various rural regions in the state. Under such pro¬grams, tourists can experience life at these villages in their unadulterated form. These projects would in¬volve the participation and partnership of the villagers themselves as a concrete step towards improving the local economy.

In these village tours, visitors can take part in the various agricultural activities, savor the delicious South India cuisine, get a massage and visit the tem¬ples. Aside from that, these villages will also feature other traditional tourist activities such a farm tours, camping, hiking, biking, agricultural activities, boat¬ing, fishing and of course – shopping.

10) Emerging Tourism Attractions

The government of India is continually seeking vari¬ous ways of attracting international visitors to its states such as Tamilnadu. New markets in the tourism indus¬try are being explored, including cruise tourism pack¬ages and helicopter tourism options where Tamilnadu, as well as India, has no significant market share. These, and some other innovative tourism packages will be in store for current and future visitors to Tamilnadu, and be enamored with what the region has to offer from its rich natural, cultural and historical heritage.

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