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New Travel Buzzwords: Medical Tourism in Tamilnadu

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

One of the most important necessities that families and individuals across the globe prioritize above all is health and wellness. Careful consideration is given in getting sufficient healthcare for any medical, dental and other related needs that the individual or the family would need and most would prefer to get the best medical services available – as long as the costs fall within their allocated budget.

However, the atmospheric price tags for medical and dental services and procedures in developed countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries in the West have made it difficult for individuals and their families in these countries to get proper healthcare. Unless the person is covered with a comprehensive medical insurance, many would not be able to afford availing of these services.

In recent years, a new buzzword has been making waves in the healthcare industry that has found medical tourists flocking towards destinations in Asia such as Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and India. Patients requiring medical services and other healthcare procedures in developed countries are looking East, now fully aware of the high quality of services that these countries provide – as well as the excellent opportunity of throwing in a sightseeing tour in the process.

What is medical tourism and why Tamilnadu?

The concept of Medical Tourism is not new, as the affluent patients in the ancient world have flocked to thera-peutic baths in ancient Roman destinations in the West as well as Ayurvedic health centers and hot springs in the East. These patients proceed to these sites not only for health and medical purposes but basking in the natural beauty that the site has.

This practice has been revived in modern times, as prompted by the extremely cost-prohibitive medical procedures and services offered in developed countries like the United States. Exorbitant health insurance costs in these countries resulted in a great number of their citizenry opting not to get insurance or be underinsured.

Aside from that, those who can afford medical services in the United States and the United Kingdom often end up in long waiting lists, with queues running for as long as six months just to avail of simple medical procedures. One of the allures of Medical Tourism is the readily available high-quality services in world-class facilities such as the ones available in Tamilnadu. With doctors that are trained and certified to international standards, and health facilities that have international accreditation and affiliations with top facilities in the United States and the U.K., going on a Medical Tourism journey is a viable and preferable alternative for foreign patients seeking healthcare.

In destinations like Tamilnadu, medical tourists can avail of a wide variety of medical and healthcare services, from rejuvenating Ayurvedic and Yoga massages, to the latest in medical procedures using state-of-the-art facili-ties. These include services and procedures from dental, cardiac, infertility and cosmetic surgeries and treatments. No wonder there is an average of 6.65 lakh tourists visit Tamilnadu to avail not only of the prime medical services that the region offers, but also to enjoy the prime tourist and vacation destinations that made Tamilnadu the 2nd largest tourism industry in India.

What makes Tamilnadu a prime medical tourism destination is not only the cost-effective medical procedures and services that are offered in world-class facilities that are at par with the best in the world, but also due to the proactive stance and support that the government is giving medical tourism. With state government support, Tamilnadu is being promoted worldwide as a preferred medical tourism destination specializing in Eye Care, Di-alysis and Kidney treatments and transplants, Oncology services and Orthopedics.

World class medicalsServices at a fraction of the cost

The exorbitant cost of medical procedures and services in developed countries have triggered the waves of medical tourists flocking to destinations like Tamilnadu. Who can blame them as medical services that cost an arm and a leg at their home countries would only cost a fraction in India and other prime medical tourism destinations. For example, a heart bypass operation in the United States that usually has a $175000 price tag would only cost $10000 in Tamilnadu.

Aside from that, all the amenities and required services that going to a foreign country entails is readily provided in these medical tourism destinations. This includes transport, hotel accommodations, food and recuperation facilities. Not only that, medical staff members are well versed in the English language and can communicate well with foreign patients – and this is a critical element when undergoing medical procedures in a foreign country.

In terms of costs, India provides the cheapest and most cost-effective packages that any other medical tourism destinations and these are all provided without compromising the quality of healthcare procedures availed in prime accommodations likened to 5-star hotels. The following is a comparison between common medical procedures as they are priced in the United States and the UKas compared to India. (Chart available at indiahealthvisit. com)

Cost is not only the reason why Tamilnadu and other medical tourism destinations in India are fast becoming the top favorite among tourists worldwide is the high success rates among medical procedures as compared to the rest of the world. An example is the 98.7 percent success rate in India for coronary bypass, as compared to the United States which only register 97.5 percent.

Aside from that, the medical facilities in Tamilnadu are comparable with the best of what the world has to offer. The hospitals in cities like Chennai are among the best in the world, and are renowned worldwide for medical advances in the field of eye care and cataract surgeries. Aside from that, these hospitals were designed to cater to an international repertoire of patients, offering top-of-the-line medical services at the fraction of the cost as offered elsewhere.

Health and Pleasure: Get the most from Medical Tourism

Medical tourism would not be complete without discussing the other part of the package – the tourism part and Tamilnadu definitely lives up to the expectation of healthcare tourists seeking to mix wellness with their holiday pleasures. The state is known worldwide as the “Land of Temples” and is bestowed with a natural beauty and culture that has drawn well enamored tourists for several years.

Visitors seeking medical procedures would fine their recuperation stage favorable, basking in the rich natural and cultural beauty that Tamilnadu offers. Tourists can enjoy the excellent art, music, dance and literary treasures by some of the best artists in India, and the rest of the world. Aside from that, tourists find themselves welcomed by rich level of hospitality and high quality services while undergoing their medical procedures as well as during their recuperating stage.

Medical tourists can also avail of non-traditional services and therapies that can only be found in this part of the world. These include alternative remedies for healing and recovery as offered by ayurvedic, homeopathy, medi-tation, naturopathy, unani, siddha, yoga and other non-traditional treatments and procedures. Packages can also be arranged to include pilgrimage tours to the enchanting destinations in Tamilnadu, making their recuperation process and enjoyable and as memorable as possible.

If preferred, medical tourists can also include a spiritual element to their visit by arranging trips and visits for them and their family members to world renowned temples and destinations that made Tamilnadu famous worldwide. Aside from that, special arrangements can also be made for visits to locations of national importance in the region that is significant to Tamilnadu and India’s past. This includes several World Heritage Sites that was previously declared by UNESCOthat are fast becoming preferred destinations for both medical and regular tourists worldwide.

So, if you are planning to avail of that much-needed medical procedure and treatment, it would be very wise to consider going to Tamilnadu and have this procedure processed there. Not only will you receive the best quality healthcare in world-class facilities, you can also enjoy an enjoyable and memorable holiday journey in the natural and historical beauty that only Tamilnadu has to offer.

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